Our Approach

Our primary approach is to take an active role, working closely with management to help them succeed; this role typically includes:

  • Leading or co-leading a Seed and Series A capital round
  • Investing financial capital to accelerate growth, typically $100-500K per initial investment, with plans to follow on through to the Series B
  • Taking an active role on the board, providing strategic advice, governance, and connections
  • Engaging in strategic consulting services to help management tackle specific opportunities and challenges (see more below)

Where a strong lead investor is already in place, we will consider a passive co-investment, supporting the company on a more ad-hoc basis

Strategic Consulting Services

B&A’s support extends far beyond financial capital. We will often add on a consulting project to our baseline involvement to address a key strategic opportunity or challenge, bringing a comprehensive understanding of how to navigate issues faced by high-growth consumer and technology companies.

As part of these efforts, B&A will invest time and resources in exchange for equity, working directly with the management team to quickly assess the situation, develop a strategy and build an implementation plan. B&A can help develop, plan, and assess success across the following areas:

Strategic initiative planning

Growth strategy

Brand and marketing

Sales capability

Technology and customer experience

Operations and supply chain

Organization and management team

Financial and capital planning

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