Our Investment Philosophy

Food & Retail

We seek innovative early-stage ventures that are building preeminent and defensible brands, products, and services with passionate consumers, such as:

  • Consumer products redefining the experience around taste, health, and value
  • Scalable restaurant concepts innovating along food, service, distribution, and/or technology
  • E-commerce and/or brick-and-mortar retailers supplying elevated products and services in a seamless delivery model
  • Suppliers, distributors, and/or technologies that are transforming the value chain to meet and exceed consumer expectations
B2B Technology

We seek early stage technology companies that empower their customers to operate more effectively and efficiently, driving improved customer ROIs; including:

  • Software platforms that automate off-line and disaggregated processes and incorporate additional data and services to drive improve outcomes
  • Analytic tools that leverage new techniques and sources of data to improve decision making
  • Tech-enabled business services that “consumerize” the customer experience and better serve target markets
  • Marketplaces that better facilitate the connection between suppliers to increase the volume and quality of commerce

We evaluate opportunities against seven criteria

Does the company have the potential to create and capture significant value?

Large Business Potential



Differentiated Value Proposition



Sustainable Business Model



Exceptional Management Team


Is the company set up to succeed
with investment?

Strong Fit with B&A



Valuable Co-Investors and Advisors



Fair Valuation and Proper Governance


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